Transcending livable luxury through time.

Ethan Allen has continued to champion style and craftsmanship in every frame and detail reflected in its hand crafted furniture pieces for 89 years. We continue to bring notable styles inspired by great designs all over the world. Each piece holds value that has stood against the test of time with an outstanding nine decades of history.

With a rich history under it’s belt, Ethan Allen set foot in the Philippines in 1996 through Focus Global Inc. to transform homes from this side of the world. From then on, we have been committed and dedicated to make dream homes into a reality.

For 25 years, Ethan Allen
has been providing
Filipino homes timeless
pieces of furniture.

From dining tables
where cuisines and
stories are shared, to
living areas where
memories are created

We are dedicated in
giving you the lifestyle that
works best for you:
a livable luxury that
transcends through time.

What matters to you?
Spectacular style? Exceptional
quality? Maximizing Value?

What matters to you?
Spectacular style? Exceptional
quality? Maximizing Value?

You’ll find it here, and so much more. We at Ethan Allen do not only turn your visions into reality, but we also strive to exceed them. Want spectacular style? Our design specialists are here to help no matter how small or big your project is. Are you looking for exceptional quality? Our core strength is craftsmanship built in every piece and detail. All this translates into value that lasts for a lifetime, something you can invest on for years to come. Ethan Allen is more than just a retailer, but your partner in translating your dreams into reality.


All our furnishings are impeccably crafted with care, one design element at a time. It’s a value that lasts a lifetime – a promise that every Ethan Allen piece holds.


Our commitment to the environment is as enduring as our commitment to give a beautiful life to our clients.


With the Ethan Allen Custom Order Program, each client can get their own style with hundreds of fabrics and a myriad of trims and finishes— endless options that caters to every style.


Explore endless design possibilities with the help of our In-house Designers. You can count on our complimentary design service who can help you come up with your own signature style.