Celebrate 90 Years of Innovation with Ethan Allen’s New Virtual Showroom

Since its founding in 1932, Ethan Allen has revolutionized the way furniture is designed, made, and experienced. 

90 years later, the brand continues to expand its footprint by promoting quality craftsmanship through its furniture pieces, and outstanding customer service through the integration of various tools and technologies.

Here in the Philippines, Ethan Allen has been bringing dream homes to life by offering innovative and personalized services to its customers. Over the years, we’ve introduced complimentary design services and in-home augmented reality apps that make home transformation decisions easier for our clients. 

Today, we are proud to share another great milestone: our newest Virtual Showroom. 

Convenient, immersive, and easy-to-navigate, our 360 Virtual Showroom allows customers to step inside the Ethan Allen showroom floor from the comfort of their home. Here are 3 things to look forward to:

Interactive Experience 

Compared to browsing an online catalog, a virtual showroom offers an experience that is closer to the real thing. Aside from being able to navigate through every corner and space in the showroom, it also allows you to take a closer look at specific pieces of furniture and even interact with them! Be on the lookout for orange circles, and see some of your favorite pieces transform as you zoom in and out. 

24/7 Access

With a virtual showroom, you can shop anywhere and at any time! This is a great benefit especially for customers who live far away or are restricted by the usual store hours. Having the option to shop at your own convenience saves a lot of time and effort. 

Detailed Visual Information

A virtual tour not only highlights the products and displays within the showroom, it also offers a lot more information about each piece: from design concept, to material, to dimensions. This way you can take your time to get to know each piece before deciding on which ones to buy.

From 1932 to the future, the possibilities are endless with Ethan Allen. By continuously improving our services and customer experience, we help create homes that are truly exceptional.

Explore our Virtual Showroom yourself by visiting:

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